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This clinic aims to maintain the face health by correcting the shape and wrinkles of the face through natural methods such as Golden needles, Micro-needle, Bee Venom, Dermal needle roller, and Acupuncture lifting. Furthermore, it aims to keep the health of the whole body.

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Dr. Bill Hyun is a doctor of chiropractic and licensed acupuncturist.

He is specialized in rejuvenating face and skin for 23 years.

He is treating the face and skin by using cranial correction, golden acupuncture, and apitherapy.

He also specializes in facial diseases such as allergy, sinus, headaches, throat, whiplash and facial pain.


Founder, Acu-sthetics Clinic, 4 Body Types Techniques

Professor, Atlanta University of Health Sciences

Professor, Washington College of Oriental Medicine

Chief Doctor, The Wellness Plus

Dr. Bill Hyun, DC, L Ac

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